5 Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Do you have low water pressure in your home? If so, you need to call a licensed plumber for plumbing services in San Clemente. The good news is that the majority of low water pressure problems don’t come with an expensive repair bill. When these problems are addressed right away, the repair costs tend to be minimal.

Learn more below about the most common reasons for low water pressure in the home.

Main Water Source Issues

Before you call a plumber, check with the city. Occasionally, the issue has something to do with the municipal water supply that’s causing low pressure in your home. For example, when water hydrants are tested, homes near the hydrant might experience temporary loss of water pressure loss. After testing, everything should go back to normal.

Possible Well Issues

Do you get your water from a community or private well? It’s not unusual for wells to have problems when there is a water shortage. Additionally, wells need their parts repaired and replaced every now and again. If your home gets water from a well, check with your neighbors. Find out if they’re having the same issues.  If yes, contact the person who handles well maintenance to check out the matter.

Pipe Leaks

If the problem is in the home, a possible cause is a leak. Low water pressure that comes from a leak is a serious issue.  These kinds of leaks often occur under slab foundations, in homes with and without basements.

If you find hot spots on the floor or signs of water damage in addition to low water pressure, get in touch with a plumber right away. To figure out what’s going on, you need immediate leak detection services. Don’t wait to make this call. It’s imperative you get the situation under control before costly water damage occurs.

Blocked Pipes

Clogged pipes are infamous for causing low water pressure. While clogs stop up sinks and toilets, corroded main water lines can cause friction that prevents water from moving freely to faucets and toilets. Unlike normal clogs, this kind of pipe blockage often occurs because the water pipe has developed rusty spots and those spots are making it hard for water to pass into the home. Talk with a plumber to decide how to best handle this situation. Chances are you’ll need pipe replacement to fix a section of pipe.

Plumbing Add-Ons and High-Water Usage

Have you recently added a new appliance to the home that uses water? Such appliances include things like a water softener or water filter.  Sometimes, when these appliances are in use at the same time as other appliances, they lead to low water pressure issues.

Don’t forget to take into account how much water is being used at once. If the dishwasher’s running, you’re doing a load of laundry, and the upstairs bathtub is in use, well, that’s a lot of water being used. It’s understandable that you’ll experience low water in these instances.

As always, when in doubt, contact your local, licensed plumbers at San Clemente Pronto Plumbers to figure out what’s happening before things get worse.



Tips to Kid-proof Your Plumbing

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Adults know that flushing large items down the toilet isn’t a good idea. Your kids, on the other hand, don’t practice the same caution when using the toilet or other plumbing. If you have small children, one of the best things you can do for your home’s plumbing in San Clemente, CA, is to keep it clog-free and safe for your little ones.

Teach Good Plumbing Habits

When children are very little, toilet locks are a great way to prevent toys and other objects from being flushed. But let’s be truthful. Toilet locks are a pain, and what happens when your child gets older and has to use the toilet quickly?

The best way to avoid messes and plumbing mishaps is to teach your children good habits. Start with toilet usage. Show them how much toilet paper is the right amount to put in the toilet. Explain in kid-friendly terms what can happen when too much toilet paper is used and why it’s not a good idea to put anything else in the toilet.

Always keep a trash can in the bathroom. Believe it or not, some people use their toilets for flushing things like facial tissue, paper towels, cotton balls, etc. When a trash can is available, it serves as a reminder for all.

Kid-proofing plumbing isn’t just about making sure the wrong items don’t go down the toilet. It’s also about keeping plumbing appliances from being damaged. For example, do you let your kids play in an unfinished basement where there’s exposed piping and the water heater? If so, make sure to keep all the kid’s toys far away from these areas. Storing toys near water heaters is very dangerous. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Teach Water Saving Habits

People lose money every day because of their habits. For example, do you brush your teeth with the water running? Did you know this can waste up to 8 gallons of water each day?

At San Clemente Pronto Plumbers, we encourage you to teach your children water saving habits from an early age. Not only does this save you money on your water bill, but it also reduces wear and tear on plumbing fixtures. Starting at an early age with children has a tremendous impact on how they use your home’s plumbing in the future.

Teaching your children to turn off the water while brushing their teeth is also a great way to prevent accidental flooding. Young children can be forgetful and accidentally leave the faucet running when they’re done. If they plugged the sink, this could cause water to overflow and damage the bathroom.

Good plumbing habits are a team effort for families. If you notice a problem with your home’s plumbing, don’t wait to get it checked out. Contact Glendale Expert Plumbing and Rooter today!

What Are the Signs of an Aging Water Heater?

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Are you worried your water heater may be on its last leg? At San Clemente Pronto Plumbers, we help people decide when it’s time to repair or replace their water heaters. In this post, we discuss some of the most common signs that a water heater needs to be replaced.

If your water heater is having any of the following problems, it’s a good idea to start shopping a replacement now.

Banging or Rumbling Noises

Have you noticed your water heater making a banging, rumbling, or popping sound when someone is taking a shower or bath? Often, it sounds like a rubber band being snapped. The sound you hear is sediment in the tank heating up and popping.

When you hear this noise, it’s a sign that sediment has hardened inside the tank and has probably formed a thick layer on the bottom of the tank and maybe even the sides. Eventually, the tank will fail and need replacement. You might have another few weeks or months, but you want to start planning for a new water heater.

Tinted Water

Is the hot water tinted red, orange, or brown? If so, this is a sure sign that rust has built up in the water heater. A rusty water heater is an appliance on its last leg.

Now, if you notice all your water, hot and cold, is tinted, the problem could be hard water in your pipes. This can be corrected by installing a water softener or whole-house filtration system. We recommend calling a plumber in San Clemente to come out and take a look to determine if it’s a water heater issue or a whole-house pipe issue.

Water Doesn’t Heat as Well

Have you noticed a gradual decrease in hot water in your home? Does it take longer for the water to heat? Before you assume you need a new water heater, we want you to check the appliance’s thermostat. Sometimes the thermostat gets bumped and this affects water temperature.

If the thermostat hasn’t been touched, then call us. We’ll send a plumber to your home to check the water heater’s other parts and make suggestions for repair or replacement.

Water Leaking from the Base

No, this isn’t a good sign. Consider how old your water heater is. Is it reaching the end of its lifespan? Tank water heaters last between 8-12 years, give or take a year or two. If you find your water heater in a puddle of water and it’s getting up there in years, it’s time to replace it. A water heater that leaks from the bottom can’t be repaired.

Call Us Today!

San Clemente Pronto Plumbers is your local, top-rated plumbing service in San Clemente, CA, for all water heater services. Our team will help you decide the best options when you have water heating issues. Call for 24-hour emergency plumbing services right now!

Best Tips to Prevent Hot Water Heater Replacement

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Best plumbers in your area help you avoid hot water heater replacement in San ClementeAt San Clemente Pronto Plumbers, we know that replacing a water heater is not something that homeowners want to do every few years. That’s why it’s important to maintain these plumbing appliances to ensure that they work as intended for as long as possible. The average tank water heater has a lifespan of 15-20 years with regular maintenance. Here are some maintenance tips to help you avoid unexpected hot water heater replacement.

Foster Longevity by Insulating Your Water Heater

Older water heaters can experience heat loss, which leads to poor performance and wasted energy. Homeowners can combat these problems by insulating water heaters. This simple act that only needs to be done once to have lasting results. Contact a San Clemente plumber to help you with this maintenance task.

Have the Anode Rod Checked

The anode rod is a designed to prevent the heater’s tank from rotting out. A tank that has a damaged rod or a missing rod will quickly corrode the tank. Repairing a damaged rod is always more cost-effective to replace than to buy a new water heater.

Flush the Tank Annually

While insulating the water heater is something that you only need to do once, flushing the tank is something that needs to be done once a year. In some cases, you may need to flush the tank several times a year if you have untreated hard water. Hard water creates sediment that settles to the bottom of the tank where it can damage burners and corrode the tank from the inside out. Even if you have water that is conditioned, you should still have the tank flushed annually because sediment can get through the conditioning process.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Best water heater maintenance practices include scheduling annual preventive care with your local San Clemente plumber. At San Clemente Pronto Plumbers, we offer a number of services that are designed to help you extend the life of your plumbing appliances.

Of course, no matter how well you maintain your appliance, there will come a time when you need to replace the unit. If that’s the predicament you’re in now, give us a call. We offer affordable, skilled hot water heater replacement in San Clemente, CA, for homes of all sizes. Call us today for more information!

Drain Cleaning in San Clemente

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Exceptional, licensed plumbers near you for drain cleaning in San ClementeWhen you own your own business, you can’t call someone else when things aren’t working properly. You are responsible for every aspect of your business. So when the sinks and toilets are plugged in your bathrooms, it is up to you to find someone that specializes in drain cleaning and plumbing issues. Business owners in San Clemente call San Clemente Pronto Plumbers for their commercial plumbing needs.

Your customers and employees depend on you to provide adequate facilities for their use and let’s face it, with everything else you have going on; plumbing is not high on your list of concerns. Let an established company tend to the drains, sinks, and toilets while you tend to what you know best.

There’s nothing like having a local company on speed dial to rush to the rescue when you need assistance. We feature reasonable rates and 24-hour service so there is always someone on duty to answer questions and dispatch a plumbing technician if necessary.

Local businesses benefit from utilizing a business in close proximity to them to prevent having to close the facilities down while awaiting a plumber to show up. The quick service and unlimited availability of a company many San Clemente businesses use can put you at ease. It doesn’t matter if you need your drains cleaned or to have your entire plumbing system replaced, they can handle the job.

No one can run a business if they can’t provide their staff and customers with a place to relieve themselves during business hours. A little preventative maintenance and plumbing can keep your toilets flushing and the customers coming. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a routine inspection to ensure everything is working as it should be. Many simple clogs can be the sign of major problems to come later on down the line.

For fast service and more information, call San Clemente Pronto Plumbers now.