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Do you need fast leak repair in your home or place of business? Then you’ve come to the right place. At San Clemente Pronto Plumbers, our goal is to provide quick and effective leak detection service and repair without delay. We know that taking control of a leaky situation right away is the best defense against water damage and costly repair bills. That is why more people in San Clemente, California trust us more than any other company to help them find below ground leaks and make repairs – PRONTO!

Let’s Talk about Slab Leaks

When it comes to water leaks, there are many offenders. Faulty sinks, failing water heaters, clogged toilets, broken pool pumps, improperly installed sump pumps; these are all different components to a property that can lead to problems. However, these problems tend to be the easiest to fix because the problem is obvious. But when it comes to slab leaks the situation isn’t always as clear-cut.

Slab leaks are concealed leaks that happen below ground along the water lines that are beneath the concrete surface of your foundation. When these water lines are compromised or begin to break down, small and large leaks can form. In many cases, it is a very small leak that originates. These leaks are especially detrimental for homeowners because they can go undetected for months, slowly causing damage little by little and virtually undetected by the naked eye.

Finding Slab Leaks and Making Repairs

Homeowners that fear they may have a slab leak because their water bills are higher and higher each month, or they notice signs of water damage to their walls or flooring, call us for electronic leak detection services. Our contractors use state-of-the-art equipment that can detect the tiniest leaks within the pipes below ground. Once a leak is detected we work with the homeowner to determine the best, non-invasive way to make the repairs.

If you want affordable, always 100% guaranteed service for slab leaks at your home or place of business, call the leak detection pros in San Clemente, California that have been trusted by your friends, family, and neighbors. Call San Clemente Pronto Plumbers!