What Are the Signs of an Aging Water Heater?

Are you worried your water heater may be on its last leg? At San Clemente Pronto Plumbers, we help people decide when it’s time to repair or replace their water heaters. In this post, we discuss some of the most common signs that a water heater needs to be replaced.

If your water heater is having any of the following problems, it’s a good idea to start shopping a replacement now.

Banging or Rumbling Noises

Have you noticed your water heater making a banging, rumbling, or popping sound when someone is taking a shower or bath? Often, it sounds like a rubber band being snapped. The sound you hear is sediment in the tank heating up and popping.

When you hear this noise, it’s a sign that sediment has hardened inside the tank and has probably formed a thick layer on the bottom of the tank and maybe even the sides. Eventually, the tank will fail and need replacement. You might have another few weeks or months, but you want to start planning for a new water heater.

Tinted Water

Is the hot water tinted red, orange, or brown? If so, this is a sure sign that rust has built up in the water heater. A rusty water heater is an appliance on its last leg.

Now, if you notice all your water, hot and cold, is tinted, the problem could be hard water in your pipes. This can be corrected by installing a water softener or whole-house filtration system. We recommend calling a plumber in San Clemente to come out and take a look to determine if it’s a water heater issue or a whole-house pipe issue.

Water Doesn’t Heat as Well

Have you noticed a gradual decrease in hot water in your home? Does it take longer for the water to heat? Before you assume you need a new water heater, we want you to check the appliance’s thermostat. Sometimes the thermostat gets bumped and this affects water temperature.

If the thermostat hasn’t been touched, then call us. We’ll send a plumber to your home to check the water heater’s other parts and make suggestions for repair or replacement.

Water Leaking from the Base

No, this isn’t a good sign. Consider how old your water heater is. Is it reaching the end of its lifespan? Tank water heaters last between 8-12 years, give or take a year or two. If you find your water heater in a puddle of water and it’s getting up there in years, it’s time to replace it. A water heater that leaks from the bottom can’t be repaired.

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