Dependable Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

When you need reliable and fast garbage disposal repair or installation, call the experts at San Clemente Pronto Plumbers. As your top-rated, local plumbing company in San Clemente, California, we work hard day and night to make sure we provide you with the best service possible. We know that your garbage disposal is an important kitchen appliance. You rely on it to work without fail and on demand 24/7. But, when this convenient appliance stops working, we want you to know that we’re here for you!

How Well Do You Know Your Garbage Disposal?

This unassuming, small, kitchen appliance may not seem like a big deal. Sure, it’s convenient, but it is really working all that hard for you? The answer is absolutely. The average, residential garbage disposal has a powerful motor that is intended to grind up food waste into tiny particles. These particles are then washed down through your home’s drain pipes, away from your house, and into the sewer system.

However, sometimes things go wrong, and if these problems aren’t addressed right away, you could have a major mess on your hands. Most garbage disposal problems have to do with food particles becoming lodged in the blades making it impossible for movement to occur. Other problems may be related to blockages that stop up both sides of your kitchen sink. These two problems can easily be avoided by paying attention to what is placed in the disposal in the first place.

Here are some items that you never want to put in your disposal:

  • Grease – This included cooking oils and fat. Even the tiniest amounts of these substances will harden as they cool and adhere to the insides of your pipes. This will create major blockages that can lead to clogs and leaky pipes.
  • Food peels – Whether peeling a potato, a carrot, onion, or any other fruit or vegetable, take care to dispose of these peels either in the trash can or place them in a composite receptacle. The average disposal’s blades are not equipped to properly grind these food items up.
  • Plastic, metal, or glass – We think this goes without saying, but every once in a while we find that someone has placed one of these items in their disposal. If it’s not biodegradable, it doesn’t belong in your disposal.

Don’t Wait to Call for Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

At the first sign of trouble, pick up the phone and call for professional plumbing service. Most times we can easily repair the problem. If not, we’ll help you select a replacement model and provide you with guaranteed installation.

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